Considering Studying on Saturdays?

“Noooooo”!  “I want to lie in!”  “Weekends are for relaxing!”  “I’ve got too many household things to do!”  “My weekends are sacred!”

These are just some of the responses we have had to that suggestion.

However, over the years, we have come to realise that students on ‘the Saturday experience’ tend to flourish, often have better assessment results and fully enjoy their experience.  So, even if it’s something you haven’t considered before, read on for three reasons why you should give it a shot:

  1. ‘In the room’ – After work on a weekday, many students’ heads are still back at the office wondering how their latest digital campaign will run, wondering if the sales team will like the new brochure they produced etc. Saturday students don’t bring those issues with them and usually settle in much more quickly to the session.
  2. Smaller groups – often Saturday groups are smaller. This allows the trainer to get to know the students and their organisations on a more individual basis, often tailoring delivery and examples to those organisations.
  3. Relaxed – we all know that if you are relaxed you are in a better positing to take on new concepts and ideas, which is exactly what our Saturdays students do! With an improved attention span, often the materials are covered more quickly allowing invaluable time for students to apply the new concepts to their own organisations.

And the best news is that it’s not every Saturday.  You can gain your CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing in just 9 Saturdays over a year, only three per term.  To find out more, click here, to join us at one of our  Open Evenings in 2019!

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