Trials and Tribulation of Purchasing a Soup Kettle

Now this might seem an odd blog post but I think it will resonate with lots of you. One of our lovely training venues thought it was the right time of year to start serving hot soup in the onsite café. What better way to keep the soup hot and fresh than a soup kettle. I know it’s not the most exciting purchase but bear with me. The kettle was purchased through a major online retailer who swiftly took payment and then passed on delivery to a very well know delivery service. An emailed followed stating the soup kettle would be delivered on a particular day. The café emailed back to confirm opening hours are 8am to 5.30pm, Mon to Fri so plenty of time to accept the delivery. The courier attempts to deliver at 9pm! We email back to remind them of opening hours and days of operation. The courier attempts to deliver the soup kettle on a Saturday!

I know how to fix the problem, call the courier service. No can do, only possible to use their live chat facility. After clicking on the live chat button we are informed that we are 219th in the queue and will take at least 25 mins for an operative to chat with us! After finally being connected and informed the kettle will turn up any time it’s decided to cancel the order and return. Kettle turns up the next day. In the meantime another supplier is located who can delivery within a specified time slot and has a phone number to call  if any issues.

The moral of this blog is that organisations who rely on faceless online portals often loose business by not being able to deliver on customer service. At London Marketing Set (LMS) we feel it is important for our students and customers to be able to contact us in a timely fashion and get answers fast! Our CIM accredited courses are delivered face-to-face in small groups so students get the best possible learning experience. We’re always at the end of the phone and email should you need to contact us. You can find out more about what LMS offers by checking out our website here


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