Meet The Team

We are all a team….not the ‘office staff’ and the ‘tutors’. We believe that we all work together to give you the best training experience. So in no particular order…..



Morag graduated from Cambridge University in 1986. As well as the prerequisite of partying and rowing, she gained her B.Ed degree in Maths – she found the perfect balance of ‘work hard, play hard’! With a passion for marketing and a love of studying, she later went on to acquire her CIM Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing (very useful for empathising with our students).

Initially Morag specialised in membership marketing for professional bodies advising on their recruitment and training strategies. Subsequently, in the early 90s when colleges realised they were being funded for ‘bums on seats’ (and identified a need for attracting prospective students), she moved into Education Marketing, developing innovative and new ways to promote education and training for HE/FE Colleges.
Morag went on to set up her own business as a marketing and training consultant, developing marketing plans for large and small organisations in many industry sectors, developing events for multi-agency groups as well as training in marketing, leadership and management skills.
She never lost her passion for education and, as well as continuing to be a marketing practitioner, has spent the last 15 years developing fun, interactive (and most definitely not boring) courses for marketing students. She believes that developing great content and finding passionate marketing practitioners to deliver that content is key to getting top results for students in their professional exams, both of which she has achieved in all of her educational roles.


When not spending time with her young(ish) family, Morag likes to socialise, eat out, drink lots of cocktails and travel (particularly to the Greek islands). She is currently learning to speak Greek at evening classes (fed up with only being able to say ‘hello’, ‘goodbye’, ‘please’ and ‘thankyou’) and practises ‘mindfulness’ to calm down after all of the above!



Not one to take the usual university to work route, Carl studied a three year hospitality City and Guilds course at Nottingham. Once he realised that this would require working late into the evenings and weekends, he opted for a career change (after gallivanting around Australia and South East Asia for THREE years!!!!), studying for a degree in Psychosocial Studies at UEL. Later on, Carl studied for the CAM Diploma in Marketing Communications.

In the Ab Fab days (sweetie darling), Carl multi tasked at the 5th Floor Café at Harvey Nichols, vetting the door and ensuring all customers’ needs and wants were met.
Never one to miss an opportunity, when the boom exploded, Carl became an account manager for an internet provider and was headhunted for subsequent roles in the field.
Discovering his flair for providing ‘the best’ customer service, Carl commenced his career in the education and training world delivering CIM and CAM courses. He was headhunted to join a new London based training provider delivering a range of professional courses. Carl was promoted through the ranks to Operations Manager, heading up multi-site, international and e-learning programmes. He was instrumental in significantly increasing the student recruitment, retention and achievement rates.
Carl believes in creating a fun, open and transparent relationship with students to help them realise their full potential. He has great talent in forming highly successful collaborations with partners to source the best venues to create the best learning environment for students. With many years’ experience of devising timetables he is skilled at finding the best formula to optimise students’ learning performance. He adds value to the student’s learning experience by developing close working relationships with professional awarding bodies.

Carl outdoor

Carl is a keen cyclist, often seen on his beloved Brompton bike. Like Morag, he enjoys a healthy social life and loves theatre and the creative arts. Not many people know this but Carl was a keen gymnast from the ages of 6-14, often seen warming up in the back of his mum’s car on the motorway. On a more serious note, Carl has volunteered for Age UK and ‘befriended’ an elderly couple to help them access the internet, but ended up drinking wine and chatting the whole time!



After a late start to university and then putting off proper work for a further two years by back packing round the world, Sarah settled down to City life in the press and PR office of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. It was a strange experience initially, working in a Grade II listed building that had also won awards for the use of stressed concrete. When someone else was off sick, she was the person to phone Sir Adrian Cadbury himself to set up the first meeting of the Cadbury Committee, which went on to change the face of corporate governance in the UK. And no, there was no chocolate involved.
Sarah’s career has encompassed pretty much every aspect of marketing and marketing communications and she was around to see the start of the impact of the web and digital tools on the professions, which she describes as fascinating and scary. “The whole team huddled round a computer monitor, hitting refresh to see in real-time how many people were reading our first email newsletter – revolutionary!” she remembers.
As well as managing marketing, digital marketing and web development teams for the Institute, Sarah has been a digital marketing consultant for a range of membership organisations, charities, educational institutions and commercial organisations.
She became a member of the CIM in 1999, taking the intensive route to the post-graduate diploma. That involved five weekends of study between September and November and then four exams in a week. With a six year old and a two year old at home and the first link up of the Institute’s website with its member database to manage, it was a busy time. But it provides a common ground with students, who all face similar challenges of balancing work, study and family life.
Sarah has been teaching CIM qualifications since 2009, focusing mostly on the digital modules. She has mentored new tutors as well as supporting hundreds of students as they complete their written assignments. “After a day with clients, who can sometimes be a bit jaded and unenthusiastic, to spend an evening with marketers at the start of their careers, investing their own time and money in giving themselves the best possible opportunities, that’s very invigorating.” says Sarah.

Sarah Alder new photo



With over 25 years of marketing experience, Cheryl worked in media marketing and research for IPC Magazines, The Economist, Forbes and Western International Media in London, with a stint as a journalist before running her own marketing consultancy for a decade, specialising in delivering marketing and digital consultancy, corporate training and multi-stage qualitative, quantitative and observation research to SMEs. Working on children’s research and branding projects developed her interest in understanding how children engage with brands via digital devices and this is now the focus of her academic research. Cheryl started her teaching career delivering professional marketing and market research qualifications to managers in blue chip companies in London while she worked full time in marketing. She taught for a range of universities and professional course providers in London and the South East. She has a specialist interest in supporting dyslexic and autistic students and active learning, particularly through the use of fully immersive simulations.




Ann started her working life as a secretary in the NHS working in a finance department. It was actually fun, she says, and it’s not true that all accountants are boring! After travelling around the world for 16 months, where she honed her “skills” as a backpacker, she then moved to the marketing department at BUPA Head Office and that’s where the passion for marketing started back in the late 1990s. Her dad made her apply for the job to pay off the Mastercard!
Following promotions at BUPA she then moved to senior roles at HCA International and then General Medical Clinics – so she was pretty healthcare services through and through. Since becoming freelance she has worked more with SMEs and has honed her array of marketing skills to much tighter budgets.
Her career with CIM again started a long time ago and she achieved her Postgraduate Diploma in 2003 and has been a Chartered Marketer ever since. She sits on the Greater London Regional Board of CIM and works to develop London’s support for student/studying members. She’s been teaching CIM subjects for 14 years, latterly focusing on the Certificate in Professional Marketing. She’s also a tutor and Assessor for the Market Research Society and an experienced Mentor, and somehow fits all of this in with providing taxi services to her two young children! .

In her free time, she loves socialising, is a keen tennis player (enthusiastically keen, rather than being of any quality) and enjoys camping – she’s lucky enough to spend the summer holidays in Europe. Sort of backpacking again really but the clothes get more regularly washed now, she says….and the credit card bill isn’t quite so high.

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