CIM Foundation Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing



This level 3 qualification is for aspiring marketers who want to gain knowledge and skills to start or progress a successful career in digital marketing.

Who is it for?

This qualification is for people of all ages and stages of their career.  It is ideal for those considering or starting out on a career in digital marketing or for managers in non-marketing functions.  Small business owners and entrepreneurs also find the Foundation Certificate a great introduction to marketing. No experience is necessary.

How will I be assessed?

The Marketing Principles module is assessed via an on-line multiple-choice exam.  The Digital Fundamentals module is assessed by completing a work-based assignment.

There are no entry requirements for the Foundation Certificate.

What qualification do I receive?

To gain the Level 3 CIM Foundation Certificate in Digital Marketing qualification you are required to pass both the Marketing Principles and the Digital Fundamentals modules.

Your qualification title will be:  CIM Foundation Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing.

How is it delivered and how long will it take?

Virtual evening classes

The course is delivered via virtual interactive classes and include activities, discussions and regular breaks. Being in a small group means you can ask questions and get immediate answers! Dedicated tutor support is always delivered by a LMS tutor and never outsourced. Virtual classes are delivered from 6.30pm-9pm and are always on the same evening so you can manage your other commitments. Don’t worry if you miss a class as sessions are recorded so you can play back anytime.

The course lasts for two 12-week terms, so you should complete the course within a 6-9 months.


We offer both full course and single module enrolment.


During your time with us studying for the Foundation Certificate, you will cover:


Learn and understand the key terms used in marketing.



Understand your customers and identify their need and wants.


Adapt your marketing tools to influence buyers.


Communicate most effectively with your customers using digital media.


The total cost of your Foundation Certificate course is as follows:


Payable to London Marketing Set:

Cost of the course (material, workshops, tutor feedback):
• You can pay in full - £980 + VAT
• Or in 6 x monthly interest free instalments of £202


Payable to CIM

• Studying membership fee: £65 per year
• Assessment fees: £265



CIM provide on line module guides for the mandatory modules free of charge. They also have a library for borrowing books. You will have to purchase a core text for each module. These can be purchased directly from CIM (they also do discounted book packs) or you can purchase them from sites like e-bay or Amazon. The core texts range from £40-£60 new.


The modules for the Foundation Certificate are:

You will understand the key concepts and terminology used in marketing. This module also gives you a knowledge and understanding of the role and function of marketing within organisations and explores the factors that  can influence consumer behaviour. You will identify key components of the marketing environment and develop an appreciation of how to collect and use relevant information. The module outlines the concepts and elements which make up the marketing mix and shows  you how they are applied in context.

Unit 1: Discovering marketing

  • Know the role and function of marketing within organisations
  • Understand the factors that influence consumer behaviour 

Unit 2: The marketing environment

  • Identify the key components of the marketing environment
  • Identify how to collect relevant information about the marketing environment 

Unit 3: The marketing mix

  • Understand the concepts and elements of the marketing mix
  • Understand the application of the marketing mix in different contextual settings

This module provides an understanding of what is meant by digital marketing and the key communication tools used. It outlines the key factors that influence the digital consumer including social networks and virtual communities. It identifies the importance of developing campaign content aimed at specific market segments and how campaigns can  be measured.

Unit 1: Fundamentals of digital marketing

  • Understand the impact of digital technology on marketing activities
  • Understand the impact of digital technology on customers 

Unit 2: Digital marketing tools

  • Understand the use of digital marketing tools
  • Outline the development of digital marketing content

Unit 3: Developing digital communications campaigns

  • Know how to develop digital marketing communications campaigns
  • Understand how to measure digital marketing communications campaigns


What will I do after the course?

By the time you finish this qualification, you will probably want a rest from studying.  Once you have had a break, and gained a year or more experience in marketing, consider studying the next level up – a CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing or a CIM Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing.