Pass on the Market Research Passion!

“I’ve had a great career in market research so far …. now I want to give something back to the profession and to the young people who are just starting out on their careers.” (A quote from one of our new trainers when joining London Marketing Set recently).

I love that sentiment and it got me thinking! There are so many benefits of becoming a trainer on a professional programme such as one of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) or the Market Research Society (MRS) course.

It is simply so rewarding!
• That high you get after an evening session – when you get home you don’t want to go to bed as the adrenaline is still pumping!
• That fantastic feeling of satisfaction when a student comments “I’ve been doing that at work but didn’t know the technical name for it. It all makes sense now!”
• Watching someone grow as an individual and professionally over the year and knowing that you have been part of that journey is so fulfilling!
• Celebrating with them at the graduation celebration when they are proudly clutching their certificate of achievement! Makes you proud too!

At London Marketing Set, we have a fantastic team of tutors….marketers or market researchers by day (we insist on that, as it means you can bring the subject to life)… and LMS tutors one evening a week!

If you are thinking of ‘giving something back’ or have often considered giving professional training a go, but not got round to it, then get in touch at for an informal chat.

We provide comprehensive training, mentor support for the delivery of your first module, generous payment and a real sense of belonging to ‘the set’!

Go on…. You won’t regret it!

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