Different study modes and what do they mean?

Covid-19 has had a lasting impact on the way we work and study, with many organisations and employers adopting a more flexible approach. It’s the same for study centres and training organisations who are adapting course delivery to appeal to students and their new preferred ways of learning. So, what are your options for studying a CIM or MRS qualification? We’ve all heard of many study option names, but it can be confusing as they often mean different things to different students and training providers. So, what do those titles really mean? To help you get your head around what your study options are, here is an overview of what they mean to us and what you can expect from studying at London Marketing Set.

This is the study mode you’re likely to be most familiar with and understand what it means! Our face-to-face evening course is ideal for students who prefer to attend regular weekly classes with lots of interaction and activities. Classes are delivered from a cool and contemporary venue with an onsite café where you can grab a free coffee and take a moment before your courses starts. Your course is always delivered on the same evening so you can plan and manage other commitments. Classes are delivered from 6.30pm-9pm and always include hot refreshments and delicious biscuits!

Intensive weekends
Intensive weekends are ideal for students who are unable, or struggle to attend regular weekly classes. You will still benefit from interactive classes but condensed over Saturdays and weekends. It’s the perfect solution to gain your CIM qualification in only the equivalent of 3 weekends! The CIM Diploma is delivered over 2 x Saturdays and 2 x weekends at our London/Waterloo study centre. Classes are delivered from 9.30-5.30pm and always include hot refreshments and delicious biscuits!

Our virtual online evening course is ideal for students who prefer to attend online/virtual weekly classes with 121 tutor support. You will benefit from dialling into our weekly online classes which are recorded so you can play back anytime. After each virtual class, you will meet with your tutor (at a convenient date and time) for a personal 121 Zoom tutorial. (CIM assignment assessed modules). Virtual classes are delivered from 6.30pm- 9pm and are always on the same evening so you can manage your other commitments.  We are unique in offering students a 30 mins Zoom 121 personal tutorial after each virtual/online class.  It offers you the perfect mix of online learning and 121 personal tutor support.

Students can choose to study the following qualifications via different study modes:

  • CIM Foundation Certificate in Digital Marketing – Virtual Learning
  • CIM Certificate/CIM Certificate in Digital Marketing – Face-to-face or Virtual Learning
  • CIM Diploma /CIM Digital Diploma – Face-to-face, Intensive weekends or Virtual Learning
  • MRS Advanced Certificate in Marketing & Social Research – Virtual Learning

Before you sign on the dotted line, we’ve put together a quick check list of the important bits to find out!

• Class size – check out the class size, too big and it will end up being a lecture (typical class size at LMS is 10-16 students)
• Results – we have achieved 100% pass rate on our CIM Diploma qualifications!
• Venues – check out the venue, location, facilities, convenience of stations and extras such as hot refreshments?
• Tutors – are they practitioners with extensive marketing experience? Our’s are!
• Wellbeing – It can be daunting going back to studying, you want to be studying in a nurturing and supportive environment.  At LMS we appreciate that you maybe working full time and give you the support needed to take on a professional qualification.

You can learn more about CIM or MRS qualifications by attending an Open Evening or book a 121 with a course advisor at a date and time convenient for you.

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