“I want to get into marketing! Tell me how!”

I am often asked by young people (and some older) – “How do I actually get a job in marketing?”  “How do I get onto the marketing ladder?” There is no straight answer to this, but there are a few steps you can follow to help you along the way:

  1. You need to be clear exactly what kind of marketing you want to get into. There are so many types of marketing role.  Don’t just do blanket applications! it’s good to do your research before applying …..so you might consider a traditional marketing role, or a digital one, you may want to work for an agency or maybe client side. Whatever, you should investigate all the types of role, make your decision and then be able to justify it should you be invited for an interview.
  2. Look at the job advertisements for roles in the areas you are interested in. Identity what skills are required.  Many skills will be transferable – tick those that you already have.  You need to be creative here – you may not have experience of designing an ad campaign, but you may have experience of running an event…. many of the skills, such as communication, objective setting, budget planning etc,  are transferable.  Then set about getting some experience in the areas you are lacking….
  3. Try to get yourself some work experience – it doesn’t have to be over a long period, but you can start adding to your CV as soon as you start! Consider approaching smaller charities and offering your services free of charge in the first instance.
  4. Consider a basic marketing qualification – the Foundation Certificate in Marketing is great for those considering a career in marketing. It gives you the basics and, as part of the qualification, you base your assignments on a real company.  Some smart students use this as a ‘way in’ to companies they are interested in working for!

Often, prospective employers want to see the soft skills such as adaptability, flexibility, creativity and determination, so by following the above steps you can demonstrate these and maybe get that foot on the ladder!

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