Online or face to face – that is the question!

Technology is great! I love it!  But sometimes I don’t think its place is in education! And certainly not replacing face to face delivery! If you are studying a short course,  ‘how to setup an excel spreadsheet’ for example,  then online is fine.  But if you are looking for a longer course, like a professional qualification, then I am a true advocate of face to face delivery.

When it comes to learning, everyone is different!  What suits some will not suit others.  If you possess the absolutely amazing self-discipline to set aside a regular time to study (even if your favourite TV programme is on), have a great space for learning in your home where you won’t be interrupted and have the self-drive to ensure you motivate yourself to meet course deadlines throughout a whole year…. then maybe online learning is for you!

But if, like the majority of us, you sometimes lack that self-discipline and sometimes need a bit of encouragement and prompting, then a face to face scenario is defiantly what you need.  There are so many benefits to face to face learning….a few, I’ve listed below:

  1. Live interaction with your tutor/trainer – a trainer can see your expression and assess if you have understood the concept being explained. Equally, you watch and listen to the trainer for emphasis on certain points which highlights their importance. Also, your queries are answered immediately – you don’t have to wait for your on-line tutor to login in to see your question.
  2. Helping you to be organised – you need to be in particular place at a particular time – that means no distractions whist you are learning!
  3. Networking opportunities – often it’s that interaction with other students (who work within other industries or different sized organisations) that gives you the good ideas to take back and implement in your workplace! It’s harder to make those relationships when you are communicating online.
  4. Assumptions and attitudes of colleagues – Let’s face it, many colleagues will take you more seriously and you’ll have more credibility if you are physically going to a study centre to train.
  5. Improved motivation- its not just the job of a trainer to deliver course content. Part of their role is to help you get motivated to complete assignments and meet deadlines.  The delivery style of a tutor should also excite and motivate you, much harder if on-line!

At London Marketing Set, we believe that face to face delivery, in small groups, is the way to go to get the best from your professional qualification, not large groups which large chunks of the course being delivered on line.  Find out more by joining us at an open evening – click here!



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