7 key questions you should ask when choosing a CIM study centre

Choosing the right CIM study centre is a big decision! It’s the same qualification so doesn’t matter where you study, right? Wrong! Just as every student has different preferences, CIM study centres offer very different learning experiences to meet those preference.

It’s worth spending some time approaching at least 3 centres to examine which one is right for you.  That initial research can pay dividends several times over by finding the centre that accommodates your needs and preferences.

Here are 7 key questions you should be asking?

1. What is the maximum class size?

Lots of centres say they have small groups, but the definition of ‘small’ can vary from centre to centre.  So, make sure you ask the study centre if they cap numbers (and what that cap is) on the course you are interested in!

2.  Will I complete one module at a time?

Again, this varies from centre to centre.  Some complete a single module per term so that you have completed one before starting another, others ‘overlap’ so you would be starting a new module while still working on your assignment from a previous module to complete.  ‘Overlapping’ may delay when you complete your course as you may still be waiting for your final module result.

3.  How long do I have to complete the course?

Most centres offer some degree of flexibility in how long you have to complete the course…always worth checking.

4.  When can I start the course?

CIM study centres all offer course starting at different times.  Take a few moments to consider when its best for you to start.  You may not want to start if , for example, you have a heavy workload on the horizon or if you want to enjoy a Christmas break without assignment deadlines etc.

5.  How much support and feedback will I receive?

Beware bold declarations of 24/7 support or ‘unlimited’ tutor support.  CIM are very clear that study centres are allowed to give ONE written piece of feedback to students for each of their assignments. You don’t want to be underwhelmed if you don’t get the support you were expecting with your assignment!

6.  Do you offer additional material for students who are a little ‘rusty’?

Many students have studied marketing in the past, maybe as part of a degree or they simply have practical experience but could do with a small refresher before starting their studies again.  Most centres offer this – some make more of a big deal of it than others – but most offer it, so do check!

7.  Can I get two qualifications if I study that extra module?

Regardless of the study centre you choose, you will be able to gain a second CIM qualification at Certificate and Diploma levels by sitting one more module.  Some centres charge for this or may offer you a discounted rate.  It’s definitely worth asking.

The above list of questions is by no means exhaustive, but it should help you decide what type of learning environment is going to be right for you and make your CIM studies as happy as possible.

Make sure you meet the team – that is often a key indicator of both the culture of the study centre and the type of student you will be working with.  Being in the right environment with the right support from the team and your fellow students can make all the difference!

Come and meet us at London Marketing Set – we’d be happy to give you individual advice….Just give us a call or come to one of our virtual open evenings.  Enrolments are open for our October 2023 CIM Foundation, Certificate and Diploma courses.

Good luck!

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