CIM Studying Membership

It can be overwhelming trying to work out what you need to do before commencing a CIM qualification. At this stage you may have selected your CIM study centre and are ready to go! (Read our other blog for help on choosing the right CIM study centre.)

At this stage in your CIM journey you may be aware or have been told to register as a CIM studying member.

“Is it mandatory?”  “What do I get?”  “How do I register?” “When should I register?”….. These are common questions students ask us at the London Marketing Set (LMS).  We hope this blog will put your mind at rest and help ease you through the journey.

Students studying a CIM qualification must register as a CIM studying member – it’s mandatory and currently costs £60. CIM offer other types of memberships so make sure you choose the right one. Your membership is valid for 12 months so registering at the right time means you are covered for the duration of your studies at the London Marketing Set (LMS).  This may not be the case at other study centres so do check!

So what do I get?

You will get access to a portal called, ‘MyCIM’. It’s a brilliant hub developed by CIM that pretty much gives you all the important bits in one place. Nothing more annoying than having to log into several learning portals, remembering passwords and more importantly trying to work out what you need to access and download for each class! London Marketing Set (LMS) makes it easy for its students by ensuring they have everything they need on a weekly basis.

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