Choosing the right study centre for your MRS Advanced Certificate – a checklist!

Choosing the right study centre for your MRS Advanced Certificate in Market and Social Research Practice is key to you getting the best results for your hard work and effort!

It can be quite daunting sifting through all your options!  Here are some tips for going about the process:

  1. First, consider which study method suits you. If you prefer studying alone, distance learning may be your best option.  However, if you prefer the company of others, like to network and have the support of a tutor, then consider a part time (face to face) centre.
  2. Decide when you like to study. Do you prefer studying after work in the evenings?  If so, an evening course might suit you. (The MRS Advanced Certificate takes 8 evening sessions to complete.)
  3. Once you have made the above decisions, look at the where to study section on the MRS website – click here
  4. Check out each of the study centre websites to see if you like the ‘feel’ of any!
  5. Make sure you visit each centre before choosing. You wouldn’t rent a flat, book a holiday or buy a car without getting the right advice and checking them out beforehand. Study centres will offer very different learning experiences so do check them out.
  6. When you visit, make sure you ask lots of questions. The list below is by no means exhaustive, but it should help you decide what type of learning environment is going to be right for you and make your MRS studies as stress free as possible:
  • What are the class sizes? Are there maximum numbers in a group?
  • How many sessions are there and how long do they last? This is key if you are considering face to face.
  • Are the tutors marketing research practitioners? You want a practitioner currently working in research so that they are up to date with the latest trends and techniques.
  • Will you have the same tutor each week? And will they be the same tutor who will give you feedback on your assignments?
  • What is the tutors’ track record of results?
  • What support will I get from my tutor and the customer service team?
  • What are the training venues like? Where are they located? Are refreshments included?
  1. Once you have chosen your centre, find out when the next course starts …..and, most importantly, ENJOY!

We know that students often make lifelong friends studying an MRS qualification.  It’s challenging but incredibly rewarding! It may sound a cliché but being in the right environment with the right support and fellow students can make all the difference!

Come and meet us at London Marketing Set – we’d be happy to give you individual advice….Just give us a call or come to one of our Open Evenings or, if time is short, an ‘express morning’.  To find out more about studying for your MRS qualification with us at London Marketing Set, click here (for Isle of Man residents, click here)

Good luck!

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