Rihanna the trailblazer!

Pop singer, actress, humanitarian, entrepreneur, the list goes on for Rihanna who only celebrated her 32nd birthday this year!  It’s been a long time coming, but Rihanna’s Fenty brand has shaken up the fashion and beauty industry like never before.  Many brands have often paid lip service to be inclusive and appealing to a wide audience with limited success, probably because it was never really genuine but a short-lived marketing campaign that faded away.


I predicted some years ago that Victoria Secret’s days were numbered, as many commented on how sexist and outdated the brand was.  To make matters worse the chief marketing officer, Ed Razek in 2019 stated that transsexual and plus-size models would never be right for the brand – he soon left and Victoria’s Secret UK arm entered into administration.   At the same time, Rihanna launched her Savage X lingerie range via the Amazon Prime platform.  It was ground-breaking in every way and a huge success, models of every size and colour strutted through elaborate stage sets to thumping music that lasted for 40 minutes.  Savage X Fenty was all about body positivity and aimed at the mass market with prices starting from as low as £4 and available in all sizes.


As well as launching a highly successful beauty brand, exclusively sold in Sephora stores worldwide, Rihanna went onto to launch a successful skincare brand, asked by a male fan when the range would be available for men, Rihanna’s responded “Whoever told you skincare has a gender, LIED to you!” – the tweet went viral on Twitter.


Fenty is a truly inclusive fashion brand, something that the CEO of LVMH, Bernard Arnaut picked up on and immediately partnered with the company making Rihanna the first black women to lead a brand for LVMH.


Rihanna has amassed a 600 million dollar fortune, primarily from her Fenty clothing range.  She has set herself apart from other celebrities by publicly donating approx. 8 million dollars to Coronavirus relief efforts.  Forbes magazine has reported that Rhianna has also donated,  $1 million to New York’s needy, $2.1 million to abuse victims in LA and $5 million to other charities through her Clara Lionel Foundation.


Who would you prefer to buy your beauty and fashion from?  (If you have the cash of course!)


The case study above illustrates key marketing concepts such as changes in behavioural trends, the importance of monitoring your competition, making sure you provide what the customer wants/needs, and many more.  We explore case studies like this as part of the CIM marketing courses offered by LMS.


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