Choosing the right CIM study centre

Selecting the right CIM study centre can seem a daunting task! It’s the same qualification so doesn’t matter where I study, right? Wrong! You wouldn’t rent a flat, book a holiday or buy a car without getting the right advice and checking them out beforehand. Your initial research can pay dividends several times over by choosing a CIM study centre that is right for you.

CIM accredited study centres will offer very different learning experiences depending on where you choose to study. There will be big variations in the type of delivery and what type of student each study centre attracts.

Before choosing a CIM study centre it’s worth considering the following checklist as a guide to ensure you select the RIGHT centre for you.

  • Class size – maximum number of students in your group?
  • Number of taught sessions? Important for face to face learning
  • Style of course delivery?
  • Will I complete a module in 3 months? Important for assignments so no overlap when stuyding one module and starting another.
  • Tutors – are they marketing practitioners? Will I have the same tutor every week?
  • Results – track record of tutors delivering your course
  • Students – what’s the general profile?
  • Support – who provides this and what can you expect?
  • Customer service support – what does this look like?
  • Training venues – location/type/facilities? Is coffee/tea provided?
  • Open evenings and face to face consultation availability?
  • Additional support and help?
  • Other benefits?

The above list is by no means exhaustive, but it should help you decide what type of learning environment is going to be right for you and make your CIM studies as stress free as possible.

We know that students often make lifelong friends studying a CIM qualification.  It’s challenging but incredibly rewarding! It may sound a cliché but being in the right environment with the right support and fellow students can make all the difference.

So, before signing on the dotted line do your research and, where possible, meet with the team that are delivering your CIM course. After all, would you rent a flat or book a holiday without doing your research?

Come and meet us at London Marketing Set – we’d be happy to give you individual advice….Just give us a call or come to one of our open evenings or if time is short ‘express mornings’.

Good luck!

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