7 top tips for a successful revision programme!

With the CIM exams coming up, we thought it a good time to tell you what you probably already know, but need a little refresher……how best to study/revise!

So, here are our top 7 pointers for a successful revision programme before your CIM exams:

  1. Make sure you have a special space to study in…… Not the bedroom – that’s where you relax! Not the dining room table – that’s where you enjoy food! Find a space which you will associate with studying/revising.  If that’s not available at home, perhaps stay at work for an hour extra (in a meeting room, not at your desk) or find a library where you can focus and concentrate without interruption!
  2. Understand what kind of learner you are. If you are a visual learner, mind maps and spider diagrams might work best for you.  If you learn best by listening/hearing, then record your notes and play them back on the train or at designated times throughout the day.  Regardless of the type of learner you are, make sure that you…..
  3. Practice by attempting old papers! That way you are fully accustomed to the type of question you might face on the big day.  The more familiar you are, the less chance of an unexpected challenge in the exam.
  4. Consider revision sessions with your class mates. Some people study better alone, but studying in a group can add an extra dimension to your revision.  It gives you the option of discussing issues from differing perspectives and can really help if you are struggling with a particular concept.
  5. Make sure you get enough sleep. The urge to ‘burn the midnight oil’ can be tempting but is usually counterproductive!  Try to plan your studying earlier in the day, not just before bedtime to allow you to unwind, relax and get the optimum 8 hours.  That way you will be fresh the next day to continue your revision.
  6. Eat the right food and drink plenty of water! Sugar gives you a quick burst of energy, but gives you a ‘sugar low’ soon after.  Caffeine also gives you a short term boost!  Spend time preparing yourself food that will keep you fuller longer and  drink plenty of water to keep you refreshed and hydrated, to keep your mind fully alert.
  7. Put your phone away….for all sorts of reasons! Interruptions, damages concentration, keeps you awake at night etc etc.  You don’t need us to tell you.

Finally, we wish you well in your exams….following a few basic principles in the run up can really help you get ready for the big day!  At London Marketing Set, our centre has a break out area and café where you are welcome to meet in small groups to revise.

Good luck!

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